Injector blowing out water instead of sucking chemical in

Hey fellas any idea why my pw chemical injector tube filled up my 5 gal solution bucket with water? The injector nozzle shoots out water. Is my pump dead or is there anywhere I can start troubleshooting? I’d hate to replace it if I’m not certain it’s gone. I’m also noticing when this happended that the engine sounds like it’s pulling when I’m not engaging the gun.

Appreciate your help/advice.


There should be a filter at the bottom of the tube with a check valve… Most likely it’s stuck or corroded away. Swap that and you should be good. Keep us posted tho

Britton Emerson
Emerson Exteriors

Your injector has gone bad. Swap it out or rebuild it and go make money!

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appreciate it guys. it was a bad o-ring in the injector. first time i’ve had one go bad so good to know for next time. cheapest fix ever.