Inflatable Bounce Houses

Has anyone wash them bouncing houses? If so I’d appreciate the input on what chemicals and ratio. Thanks In Advance

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Had one at my house last weekend. The guys sprayed it down with what I can only assume is a disinfectant quat (a.k.a. Quaternary ammonium compound), then wiped it with a rag. It bubbled at the edges so don’t use dawn or anything really soapy.

I looked up the material online, the commercial quality is made of a pvc vinyl with if I’m not mistaken, u can wash with SH?

I would think SH would degrade the colors after awhile…

That’s what I’m afraid off, I just need to try it on the bottom, to figure a ratio. The owner has just been rinsing them off with a small pressure washer

Then why use it at all? All those jugs in the grocery store that say kills 99% bacteria…why not use one of those?

They’re designed with similar material as vinyl awnings. Every year the inflatable 5k guys come back through and we sub it out. Warm water and .5% SH mix. Very VERY little surfactant or you’ll get bubbles in nooks and crannies you’ll never get out.

They’re designed to be UV resistant and general abuse resistant. SH is fine.

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