Industry leaders and looking for Industry leaders thread

I have two threads started on the Powerwash Community bb labeled “Getting Involved!! Industry leaders in action” and “Where do you find Industry leaders”
I added some pictures there as well with some familiar names that are Industry leaders such as Beth Borrego, Micheal Hinderliter, Thad Eckhoff,John Orr amongst others. Of the three bb’s that I pretty much am staying somewhat involved in such as TGS,PWRA and PWC Some of you may find those threads a little bit interesting and also it may bring back some good memories.

There is an unbalance in there with my PWNA involvement because I know alot more about them and how they operate. The threads though are really aimed at just people going to Industry events and also maybe one day being an Industry leader in some capacity within the Industry itself.

You just never know where these leaders may come from and they could be right here on this bb or at some far away Industry event. You just never know.

what is an “industry leader”?

JT, I love your avatar. Good times!

Feel free to post those pics here,if you want to. And that reminds me that I need to go through Judy’s pictures and add some to your New Orleans thread.

Thats a cool post over there John…

Industry leaders are guys like Thad and Chris here who bring other Powerwashing and window cleaning companies together outside of there own window cleaning/Powerwashing business. Obviously some of these guys can be classified correctly so as Entrepreneurs as well…but that alone doesn’t always make them Industry leaders but when they bring companies together to ultimately get those companies more noticed(networking alone does that) and the group as well-- IMHO it makes them an Industry leader even if that is not why there doing what they do.
Are leaders always a positive influence–No-- but these guys sure are and many I believe would agree:D