Inconsistent Softwash Water Pressure

I’m getting spurts of pressure when water is turned all the way up on the proportioner. I can see the water spurting through the line from the proportioner to the pump; it’s not flowing consistently/smoothly.

The pump is new, I’ve checked the lines and taken apart of the proportioner in case there was blockage. I’ve tightened the connections.

What am I missing? What did I do wrong? It worked find until last week.

There’s usually an adjustment screw on the pump itself to adjust the pressure, you might need to adjust it there. Is it cycling at all or is it holding constant pressure when you’re not on trigger?

That type of proportioner is a nightmare, I chased leaks and backflow problems constantly until I went with a simple manifold block.

The cheap check valves fail super easy so verify those are still functional. As @OhioFloMo mentioned there is a tiny Allen bolt that adjusts the pressure on the pump head.