Impressed with flexzilla


Spooled up 175’ 3/4 on my 18” reel think I could have gone over 200’ with the way it squeezes down.
Only disappointment was I thought I ordered the new model with covered ends, but overall a great recommendation. Thanks.

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You will love it! Crazy light, and it’s WAAAAY tougher than it seems, never had any issue over 3 years. I’m contemplating ordering a couple more for soft wash hose, but I still haven’t seen any proof that SH won’t hurt it.

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PWP sells it as softwash hose. That doesn’t necessarily make them right, but I’m going to take a gamble on the 1/2” flexzilla whenever I get my roof pump set up

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I wonder if this would make a decent hose.


@Infinity where did you find 1/2”?

@Elmeromero that looks pretty stout, but those ribs would be hard on things and probably make it harder to drag😂


Found this in the questions section. A guy says he uses it for insecticides. My guess is it would be comparable to the other hoses used regularly.

I’m still using my 5/8 poly braid that I bought nearly a year ago. From all the reading I did I thought it wouldn’t last or I’d be frustrated with it by now but it’s been good for me. I have a section of continental black rubber garden hose as a jumper from pump to reel and it’s holding up great after 6 months or so.


I was just going to post the same thing, but under those questions someone asks specifically about sodium hyPOchlorite and flexzilla responds and says " to give them call".


I missed that one. Sounds like a call is in order.


@Infinity I see! I assumed you found 1/2 garden hose, I’m really curious about this, I love the green color so people see it better. Less likely to trip or something. If the air hose is as flexible as the garden hose, and no coil memory I may go for that. Poly braid drives me NUTS with the constant coiling up.


I use the 3/8” air hose for my wfp. Has decent flexibility. It seems like it might have a similar wall thickness as the garden hose, so in comparison I think it is a little stiffer than the garden hose.


Hypochlorite homie or just say bleach

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Just got off the phone with Flexzilla customer service, I explained our concerns and was told that the air hose and the garden hose were the same material, but the garden hose had an extra “lower VOC liner” to make it drinking water safe. She explained they are both very SH safe/compatible, and refered me to this PVC compatibility chart. This is good enough for me, I’m gonna order the 250’ roll of 1/2”.


Typo. I use Swype too and sometimes itll put words that dont even exist together. That and coupled with a dead spot on my digitizer screen doesnt help.


Great info. Thanks for sharing.

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@Redjess umm hmm sure haha


On sale until May 11th… cheapest I’ve found it anywhere. At this price I’m going to stock up.

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Im wondering, the way you mention is flattens out on the reel makes me wonder how that will affect the flow if not completely un spooled


I have a ball valve on the end of my supply hose. I use it to reduce dripping when having to hook up inside a basement or what have you.

But a side benefit is that it keeps my hose pressurized and operating at full flow regardless of how much I unspool. I make sure to let off a little pressure before winding it up, though. Otherwise the pressure will increase beyond safe limits as it gets wrapped up (actually blew up a cheap ball valve doing this on my old rig. It was pretty awesome :joy:)



Stealing this idea! Keeping the Flexzilla pressured up would definitely make a difference with 200’ on my reel. I have a ball valve between my reel and filter so that will work out perfectly! Thx!!

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