Important prep for roof cleaning

Always ensure the customer uses the lowest setting on their mower prior to cleaning their roofs…lol


Are you up here stealing my customers? :frowning:

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Funny you mention that, been getting calls from your parts looking for a less expensive option!!! :lying_face:


That’s what I like to hear. I don’t want my customers to have to live with the guilt that they took advantage of me.


How do you wash roofs like this? I’ve only ever done a couple with moss growth, but it’s always been under a dormer downspout onto the roof or just a small patch. I end up basically scraping it off then washing.

I’ve done a few like this, one was REALLY bad. I prepped the client that it could take up to 6 months before it all fell off. Treated it twice (same day) until it was all white. Came back a month later to retreat, and it was almost all gone. I sprayed it again and a few weeks later called the client; she was floored. All gone.

Apparently another company wouldn’t even bid on it and recommended a new roof

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Jake’s right. I try to brush off real big clumps or take my shooter tip and knock off. Just spray it good and usually 6-8 weeks gone.

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I thought that was a driveway in England. Have fun

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some people like the moss in their brick walkways.

As my friend Luke was told many times…

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Shakin’ the tree here, boss!

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Let’s not derail this important thread.

btw, nobody can eat fifty eggs!

My boy says he can eat fifty eggs, he can eat fifty eggs!

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yeah that first pic looked kinda like brick pavers, so I said it. Yes I know you titled your thread roof, I was playing. But I do like any cool hand luke reference. I was doing some work at a business and the owner came by to check on me and I told him that I was shaking the tree boss, shaking the tree, he didn’t get the reference.

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This was one of the worst ones that I came across as far as the moss goes. I explained to the customer that this was a process and that it would take some time and possibly a second application, but all of it would come off. The 1st picture is the before and the 2nd picture is about two weeks after. Went back in and did a 2nd application and rinsed thoroughly this time and the 3rd picture is the final results. Myself, I wouldn’t scrape or use any force to remove the moss as it has been there a while and could damage the roof or remove aggregate. My reccomendation would be to explain to the customer how it’s going to work and apply a second application and rinse if necessary. I’ve been doing this about seven years and this was probably the worse moss that I ran up on.


That’s a rough one! Well done, I’m sure they’re ecstatic

Came out great :ok_hand:

Great job!

Looks good

That is a steep pitch!! How’d you apply in this situation?