I'm Ready!

Just picked up my Sh for the next few weeks. We’re in business!

I started my business as a window cleaner and added powerwashing as an afterthought. Just like last year, I’ve been getting more calls and hits on my site for powerwashing that I am window cleaning. I don’t understand it. I hardly advertise for it.

Good to be in demand and a great feeling when you know the seasons about to kick off :slight_smile:

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That’s awesome Tim. I love window cleaning, but I have been thinking I might push the P/W a little harder and maybe change to a power washing company that does window cleaning as an add on. The more I can stay off a ladder the better and I am getting older and ladders and scrubbing windows is hard on my old body. Just a thought right now. I’m doing about 1 or 2 p/w jobs a week right now. I’d like to see though numbers go way up.

Got my first PW job, actually two houses, for the year in two weeks. I hope the Northeast is a little warmer by then!
I’ve also not particularly pushed PW, but am getting more and more each year as well.

Congrats. Keep in mind that SH does have a shelf life. Maybe 2 weeks tops before its useless.

Ive stored sh over the winter and not had a problem using it. My understanding is 12.5 sh rapidly breaks down to about 10% and the slowly breaks down after that. I buy about 700 gals a year from my local hardware store because it is convent. Never had a problem with it and who knows how old it is. I also buy direct from a chemical supply house. And do not see any difference in the strength. Keep your sh out of direct sun light and in a solid color container and you won’t have any problem with it.

This past winter I left about 40 gals of roof wash solution in my tank. My plan is to see if has any strength left to it. I’ll let you know how the test goes if it ever gets above freezing in upstate NY.

Your correct. KEEP It out of direct sun light.

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Yeah, my supplier is fairly close by so I dont have to by large quantities. Just picked up 30g this time. Its stored in a cool dark place.