I'm going to an ELECTRIC pressure washer!


Need to find out how many of my customers will let me get into there 3 phase power doh

Run what you brung…It’s go time!

I was thinking starting a landscape business but use an electric mower. No need to use the customer’s electric though…20180127_144950


Haha, I’ll have to show that to my wife since she was my first “employee” when I got into landscaping years and years ago. I’m worried about that engine not getting enough oil splash though, better to have her use less tilt while moving it. I know I know it hurts her back, if she complains find another :slight_smile:

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IVe used an electric pressure washer since I started. It’s great

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Elon Musk is that you???

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Haha no way man, I’m not that rich… or clever.

I just love our planet so much it seems irresponsible to use gas powered pressure washers and strong chemicals to clean houses. What does all that bleach do to your lungs… or the soil!