I'm changing from M22 to 3/8" fittings. Is this a bad idea?

Howdy! I’m Ryan. Young kid doing some pressure washing on the weekends with a Simpson 2.5gpm 3300psi Honda GX200 Engine (it’s all I could afford to get started). I’m about 15 hours into using the machine and the Simpson hose has started springing a few pin size leaks.

Trying to find replacement hose with M22 connections is not easy and I’m not about to buy the same Simpson hose that isn’t reliable. So I’m planning on using this coupler to change the pump fitting and base of wand fitting from M22 to a 3/8" fitting, so that I can have more optionality in hoses and ultimately buy this hose.

Does that sound like the right way to go about it? Will those couplers hold up to the pressure? Would you do it any differently?

(Also, in this process, I’m going from 5/16" hose diameter to 3/8" diameter. That’s okay to do right?)

I couldn’t find this question answered elsewhere, but if it is please let me know and sorry for re-questioning.

Thanks and this community seriously rocks! Have learned so much (and has helped me land clients and make some summer $$$)

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15 hours with the proper equipment could pay for itself. Belt drive 4@4000 or 5.5@2500

…Just saying


Yeah, get rid rid of the M22 fittings. Use 3/8" for the hose and 1/4" for the gun. They’re more readily available and just easier to use.


live and learn. Didn’t have the confidence that i’d get enough clients to pay a bigger model off… Man was I wrong. Now I’m wishing that I’d gotten a 4x4000 Oh well :frowning:

1/4" for the gun? Are you saying where the hose connects to the gun?

No, 3/8" to the bottom of the gun and 1/4" coming out for the lance.

Businesses are always upgrading equipment to be more efficient and you should be too. If you’ve completed 15 jobs already you’ve probably made close to $3500 to $5K. Invest in better equipment and that will allow you to complete jobs faster. That means more jobs completed each day. You’d be lucky to complete two houses a day with a 2.5 gpm. Step up to a 5.5 gpm and you could probably better than triple that. Reinvesting back into your business is one of the best decisions you can make. Within reason of course. You can always sell that homeowner machine on marketplace or keep it for a backup. You should always have a backup washer anyways.

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ahhh gotcha. Yeah I’m looking at my next big upgrade. I’m at 15 hours, not 15 jobs. So still a ways to go before I can afford to upgrade. Thanks for the advice. Much appreciated!

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With 15 hours and using a 2.5 GPM, it sounds like you have probably three or four jobs under your belt.

So you are very fresh into the wash world so welcome! I’m fresh too compared to most of the guys here but have been growing very quickly in my area.

My best advice to you is to get you a nice replacement hose, keep getting jobs, save every penny you get from every job and buy a bigger washer so you can make more money and do jobs faster. I know it will be hard not to spend the money you get, but seriously every dollar counts. Every dollar saved is a dollar invested towards your business


Yes that’s about where I’m at. I’m loving this business and excited to grow. It helps that I’m an obsessive saver so everything will be put back into the business. Thanks for the kindness Dustin!

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Where are you from? It may be a good idea to hook up with a local professional to help you. I don’t know many people that wouldn’t help out a young guy like yourself.

Oh man, you sound exactly like me back in 2018 when I started. Trying to match M22 fittings with 1/4” connectors, etc.

I’m in the Northwest Chicago suburbs. Happy to connect with anyone in the area

Haha I’m guessing two years later it gets better?

Oh lawd, it’s night and day. Pretty much every chance I get my equipment gets an ‘upgrade’, so now I’m running an 8gpm gear drive.:flushed:

Reach out to some locals. You may be surprised how helpful some people can be.

I am constantly changing nipples, I have a 5.6 Simpson, had it with my GX390, vibrate enough to put dimples on the fittings that make it a pain in the neck to disconnect. This one is a week old and was dealing me fits yesterday. What brand/type do you use? Anyone have the same problem?

I think it’s safe to say we all wrestle with QC fittings. It helps to push in on the attachment while pulling back on the collar, and I hit mine with silicone spray on occasion which helps a lot.

Constantly, I take a pair of vice grips and round the little lip it makes. Im gonna buy a foster QC set and see how they hold up.

Do you use stainless nipples? It doesn’t look like it. Stainless is much much harder than the cheap steel fittings. Nipples last is about a year each and I don’t run anything other than the cheap GP nipples

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I file mine to smooth out the ripples it makes whenever it gets to a point where it ticks me off because I can’t get it off easily

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