I'm back... Any help appreciated

So the one house I did was good(had very little dirt) but we are right back to square one. Had to tell the customer today that I couldn’t do the siding, cause I couldn’t clean it… I still did the windows so made a couple hundred bucks.

I will take another kick at the can here and see if anyone can spot what may be going on. Sorry to bug everyone, I am sure my constant fails are either amusing or annoying.

I’m getting a 10-1 ratio with my new injector. I have a 150 of hose. I am two gallons of 12.5 with 1 gallon of water as well as 5 ounces of snotmenade. I am applying… I am waiting… And then rinsing. I know it’s not about pressure… But maybe this needs some? I also scrubbed it relentlessly and nothing came out. This seems to be a reoccurring theme for me.

The surface dirt came off, the pictures are pre pictures. I will post some post pictures Tomorow when I return to finish some work. Basically all the surface dirt came off but there was still black left all over the place and scrubbing did nothing.

Are you applying your soap from the bottom up?

If scrubbing did nothing probably not much you can do.

Have you actually tested your injector? Or just going off marketing specs? My quick math may be wrong but you’re only putting .8% SH on the house if you’re using 12.5%.

If you’re diluting 10% good luck cleaning much of anything.

What in the Neptune’s trident is snotmenade?

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I tested it. Filled a gallon jug with water instead of bleach and then watched it as I filled my five gallon pale. It took two five gallon pales for the one gallon to go away.


Yes applying from bottom up Steve.

Snotmenade is a mix between roof snot and something that makes it smell like lemonade I guess. Purchased it from Southside equipment.

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What was the dwell time?

Ten minutes

It will be easier to diagnose with the after pics but usually it’s either not a strong enough house wash or not left on long enough. How much mix did you use on the job? When my injector is pulling right, I will go through 10 gallons of mix on a single house easy using a 4 GPM machine.

Not much since it’s just that one spot. I hit it once and then scrubbed it and nothing and at that point I had to start doing the windows so just told the customer that my machine was acting up. I’ll try a stronger mix Tomorow on a different job I’m going to and see if it works. I’ll take pictures of what the other job looks like currently compared to the pictures posted. Thanks Steve.

Make sure your injector’s pulling. When the machine is running put in your soap tip and put your finger over the end of the injector draw hose to feel for suction. Be sure you’re rinsing clean water through the injector after each use to keep it from getting stuck closed.

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Why do you continue to add water to your mix… just go straight SH. It cleaned, but in streaks…not enough was applied or rinsed two quickly


He said those were before pics… I personally would never use straight 12.5%. I use a 6% mix before injector and sometimes that’s way too strong.

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I’ve never seen siding like that before then. Lol. Zoom in, obvious streaks

If I continued to have to tell customers I can’t do the job I’m advertising then I would go straight 12.5 at 10-1 until you learn enough to dilute to your desired needs


Never once have I diluted SH. Never once have I had a problem. And we clean houses in less than 90 minutes. 2/day on average.


My 4 GPM machine pulls nearly twice as much mix through the injector as when I run the two together at 8 GPM, If I used a straight 12.5 I’d be wasting materials and killing plants, lol.


You’re going to hate this… lol

Unless there’s flowers in beds I don’t prewet. All green. No wood. House is getting soaped first and I’ll rinse the greenery on my way back around.

If there’s no fence I’ll soap 3 sides before I start rinsing.

If the sunny side is just dirty it doesn’t get soap.


If you soaped it, scrubbed it and the marks didn’t come off… they’re not coming off *

  • not with normal housewash methods which is all you need to care about right now. There’s loads of interesting stains that come off with different acids or alkalies… they’re a bit more specialised that you need to bother with atm