Im about to start a pressure washing business with 2 others. Advice is welcomed

Hey guys, new to the page. I’ve recently began the journey to opening our pressure washing business. We will be working residential jobs in our nearby neighbourhood. We aim to grow our business through extensive marketing. Please feel free to comment on dos and donts, chemical advice and anything you can think of, it would be amazing help. We will be operating in Australia. At the moment we have a KARCHER G 3400 PETROL PRESSURE WASHER and are looking to expand ASAP. TIA

I’m stealing this advice from another member here but it’s the right advice so here you go…

Step 1) Give your two business partners back whatever money they have invested.

Step 2) Ask each of them to kick you in your manhood as hard as possible.

Step 3) Profit.


The only ship that sinks is a partnership.

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See if your cousins are keen also.

If it’s people you met only for the reason of starting a business, then you may be able to skip step 2, depending. If they’re either friends or family, step 2 may be repeted several times (and step 1 too, somehow), and step 3 will be skipped in those cases…

Starting and running a business is just as much technique as it is an art form and you make it your own .
I’ve never seen a priceless or expensive work or are hanging on a wall with more than one signature on it .
People clash when there passionate about something.
Everybody thinks there right and rarely are people OK with letting others be right instead.
I’ve never seen a partnership work endless everyone had a very specific job.
As friends and family are the worst to work with .
That being said most of my employees have been friends or family. Even my wife is employee number 1
And works with me at least half the time .
FYI I STRONGLY STRONGLY. Recommend against this . Just don’t tell her lol :joy:

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I think that about sums it up…in every situation, there needs to be a final authority. That can be different people for different areas (ops, finances, marketing, etc.). If it’s a “we’ll all run this together”…nothing will ever get done, see here for more info…

Well, one exception.




We’ll I stand corrected

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Lol just had to throw that in there.

Same as everyone else. Do it yourself. It might seem like a big investment so you need others to help but just start extremely small and you will be way ahead of the other guys in a few years.