Illegal Water Dumping?

After I finished a job today I pulled away and realized I hadn’t drained my buffer tank, so I went around the corner and found an area near where there are drainage canals right next to the road. While I’m draining the tank I start getting yelled at from a person standing on his porch, rudely asking me what I’m dumping. I told him it’s water and he’s says that’s illegal. I said “how so?” to which he replied that I was on his property. I pointed out that I wasn’t on his property, I was on the county right of way and that I am a county resident and I too pay county taxes.

He starts cussing at me and threatens me and I responded with well, “bring it on” or something like that. Then the across the street neighbor comes over and tells me that there’s been flooding problems and I might be in trouble, lol. I said “you think 200 gallons of water is going to flood the neighborhood?” By then mister hot hot head went back inside (to call the Sheriff I presume) and I talked with the other guy for a few minutes while the tank finished draining. So, as I’m leaving the old lady neighbor casually walks by and snaps a photo of my truck plate. Oh brother! And all this after a grueling 10 hour day in the 105°f heat.

You should have told them it was special biodegradable organic hose fed water.


Lol! Or I could have really screwed with them and said it’s only “dihydrogen monoxide.” :rofl:


Artisianal water?! :sunglasses:

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It was plutonium for the flux capacitor and the name of your company was doc Browns pressure washing


When he asked what you were dumping, you should have said it was “liquid air” … I love screwing with nosey people haha

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Years ago I got the bright idea when I finished up one morning to just open my ball valve and let it drain on the way home. People were freaking out. You would have thought it was nuclear waste like the Chevy Chase movie Modern Problems. People were honking horns and screaming at me. I haven’t done that since.


I’ve thought of doing that but yeah you cant do that. Lmfaooo… police see you doing that or even the D.E.C. you’d be in big trouble. At my main gig, sometimes for commercial work we pull water out of numerous streams or springs in the area, and you sometimes get people coming over and putting their two sense in and asking you if you’re allowed to do it or if we have a permit and it gets annoying. Hahahaha. Just last week some guy came up to me and was like I’m calling the D.e.c. and I was like “well theres only one around here and I’m friends with him, good luck…” :joy::joy::joy: where I live the only thing that will get you in trouble, is if your dumping water or overflowing water back INTO the stream.