Ikii Made Me Do It

Doing a stucco house with my new foamer. It’s a Lafferty A-40 SS Airless Foam Wand W/ Fan Nozzle. That peak I’m shooting was right at 40 ft. The fan nozzle that comes with it is absolutely worthless except for pre-treating concrete and then it’s amazing. I was using about 2oz of Elemonator per gal of mix and it laid down the best pre-treat I’ve ever seen. Hot dry day and it stayed wet for a good 30min. The foam keeps it from evaporating.


Where did you order it from? Looking at it on another site. Does it pull like an xjet?

KEC - great people to work with and good prices - They also carry the nozzles like WW uses for about $3@ less than WW

No, just downstream was way I was using.

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Using a regular gp injector out do you have to use theirs?

Just regular GP

Time for a haircut, Rick. It’s not '73 anymore amigo.

When I used my regular mix of about 1oz per gal, was only a little foamier than my regular DS. Bumped it up to 2oz and that’s what you see in pic. It’s not a super thick foam, have to use the pressurized one to get that. But on concrete you almost can’t see the concrete for probably 10min. Should have taken pic.

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LOL, just had one last Friday.

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You need a refund! They didn’t even use any Jehri curl!

I was pretty impressed with the distance it throws it. Maybe only a couple feet less than my MDds nozzle

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Would love to see that. I’ve decided I’m using the last of this elemonator and then going to something else. It’s not near as sudsy as it once was.

I take it you take the nozzle off to spray like your spraying or is there another nozzle you’ve jimmy rigged.

Does the hole act as a venturi to increase the foam? I’m assuming that hole has to be on the top?

Glad it worked out, and you like it.
been foaming for years, ,yet no one believed me … till now :grinning:

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Yes, hole sucks in the air. Doesn’t have to be on top. If you don’t want as much foam, can cover hole with finger, but realistically I’d just switch nozzles. It’s pretty heavy, weighs about 2 lbs.

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No, that is the nozzle. has threads on the outside that you can screw the fan tip on, which is really just a cap with fairly big slotted hole… It’s not a clean fan pattern, only shoots about 10’

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@Racer that is cool! It just went really high on my buy list!

Ive been wanting to do the foam gun thing, but I just didn’t know anything about it. IKII even gave new a parts list awhile back. Glad you tried it and it worked, the end result made alot of sense to me.

It’s not something I’ll use all the time. The stream it puts out is pretty forceful. I’m thinking you want to be standing back a little ways if shooting vinyl unless way up and you’re not going to be cleaning any covered porches with it. I do think you can save 10% on SH usage so payback will be pretty quick. For really dirty siding, stucco, and pre-treating concrete I’m sure it’ll help. I’ll learn more about it the more I use it. For approx $120 it’s another good tool to have. I know @Ikii says the customers like it and I can see that. I’ve always used a little more soap than many because my customers like seeing the suds too. With this thing you’ll be a hero. They’ll definitely feel like they’re getting their money’s worth when they see the foam.


I bet something like apple wash or whatever colored dyed soap through that thing would be awesome! Yall remember that one person that was going to use some kindve landscape dye with their mix? Anyone heard about something like that

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