iGX800 and K1 Unloader

Just about to upgrade to an 8GPM machine.

I’ve heard rumours that the iGX700/800 machines dropping rpm on idle will create problems with the pressure sensitive KQ unloader.

Does anyone have any info on this?

Thanks heaps :pray:

I’ve got an IGX and they don’t drop a lot at idle, but a K1 or any flow actuated unloader is going to be problematic if you plan on down streaming. Get a 2315 trigger gun and just pull the trigger slowly if you don’t want a jolt on the hand

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What issues did you have with flow sensitive unloaders ? I’ve never had injector issues and usually get 2 or more years out of the unloaders before replacing them


No iGX800’s until November and no GX690’s for 12 months (Australia stock).

Until they’re in stock, will just be grabbing a Chinese iGX800 clone.

Can you give me a brief summary why the flow sensitive unloader wouldn’t be happy with the lower idle speed?

Haven’t grabbed the parts yet, but the K1 is just a dream - will be difficult to give it up when upgrading to 8GPM.
I’d just grab a GX690, but zero stock until late 2023.

I don’t have a brief summary. My comment was the igx doesn’t really idle down that much, and flow unloaders are typically hard to set up with ds injectors. I could not get them to work period. Some folks run bigger return lines and get them to work, I guess some have no problem at all. I’m in the camp that I don’t want anything that could be a potential problem. I wouldn’t have an IGX if it wasn’t free. It is no where near as fuel efficient as the gx690, has to be plugged into a laptop to diagnose and has a lot of exposed wires. EFI does not belong on a small engine, but I digress

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Thanks man, I read your previous reply wrongly.
I currently have a K1 on my 5.5 and the injector pulls fine.
I’ve got no option but to get this equipment unfortunately, just zero stock of anything in Australia, so we’ll see how it goes and I’ll adjust if need be.

Thanks for everyone’s info.