IF you were had to buy a direct drive which one would it be?

So I know belt and poly chain is the way to go and that’s what I have but Im looking to branch out a little more so I would need possibly 5-6 pressure washers and about the cheapest vbelt you can get is 1500-1600 so what 4gpm direct drive would you recommend for residential work that would last a little while at least?

I would advised to not buy any direct Powerwasher for your “Commercial business”. I tried that around 5 yrs ago because we got over loaded with work. The direct drive broke on the 2nd day after around 10 hrs of usage. It caused more problems then it was worth. If you really need one then knock on the homeowners door. They probably have the piece of junk in their garage and it’s probably broken to.

If it helps, local rental places sell their units. I bought my first unit from a place close to the shop for $400. Might be worth hopping on google and checking it out

Also you can check Craigs list and ebay for some good deals soon.

It’s the time of year soon where people who didn’t make it in this business will be selling their equipment. Also some successful contractors who want to buy up for the write offs before season end will be looking to sell some of their used equipment at a decent deal as well.

Best time for good deals is November/December.

I would say instead of 5 4 gpm machines get 2 8gpm machines and get the same amount of work done with less people. Adding 5 washers you must be making a HUUUGEEE marketing jump to prepare to keep them all running.If I wanted to add 5 machines and expected to have them running making money I would need to add anywhere from 4-5k worth of business per day. If that is what you are about to make happen, then buy the right equipment for the job.

Home Depot will be selling their rental equipment soon, as the season is almost done, go talk to them. I’ve had my 4gpm 13 hp gx390 for 4 years, starts on the first pull every time. It’s great for sending a guy out to knock out a driveway or small deck without having to pull a trailer.