Identify this Stone

To all the stone guys here, can you help identify this? Customer sent photos of a mausoleum he wants cleaned, was unsure about the stone. As you can see, it has heavy organic staining. Going to take a pretty hot mix to clean it & I just want to make sure the stone can handle it.


That’s the guy to ask. Looks like split face block to me.

I like products for stone work. Cost more but explain that to customers and show them before and after pics of stone work. Usually not a problem. Others do it differently…

Limestone… 50/50 on heavy organic stains, onerestore on skirting. Be sure to rinse out the detergent completely between application, before treating again.

On a side note, if you hit limestone with strong SH, it will probably turn it a yellowish color. We have the same mausoleums here and I witnessed the color change.

As mentioned on here before, oxalic should help bring the color back to normal if that happens

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Never had an issue before & we do a lot

Depends on source of the Limestone. Some has more iron in it than others.

How did this turn out? It honestly looks like marble or granite to me. Limestone tends to look much more porous. With such a small building and it being carbon stains, just pressure would take it off. Restoration cleaner by Prosoco for stubborn heavier soiled areas.

Another mausoleum question , someone asked me if I could clean this and was wondering if sh and some pressure would work or should I go right to the prosoco products? Stains look heavy up top. Thx