ID this pump


Any ideas? Couldn’t find anything on Google. Owner says 3700 psi.


Strange… crankshaft like an axial pump but a head kinda like a plunger pump. I would assume it’s an axial though.


No model number plate or serial number?


It’s an ad on Marketplace, gx390 engine, $250. I just haven’t seen this pump before.


Well, if the motor holds compression and runs well, it’d be worth the $250. Throw a gear drive 4 or 5.5 gpm pump on there and call it a day.


It’s a Karcher pump, probably Karcher pump set 3.532-757.0.


Do outlaw trails ring a bell?


Not really IBS, maybe the offroad park out in WV?

@amateur very nicely done, Karcher it is.