Ice dam removal

Fox news 32 just showed ice dams steamed off and hourly rate from 250.-350 and up
and said its coverd by most insurance comps. whats up everybody.

That’s true steam not hot water power washing.

Yesterday I spent hours watching many ice dam removal videos. Among the various ways, I strongly feel that steaming them is quickest and most effective. This company serves a few locations. This video I believe is from Wisconsin. How to Remove Ice Dams - Hustad Roofing - YouTube

I did a job today, no steamer. Very expensive, but something I’d like to shoot for. My “coup de grace” weapon is currently calcium chloride and very hot water if it’s available to create a full opening in the ice at the edge to let the water drain off the roof.

I spent two hours and charged $250. Probably could have been more.

Few things, getting on an icy roof is extremely dangerous, price accordingly and be sure to tie off. Be careful of the calcium chloride at the downspouts when the ice melts.

Good video thanks for replys guys i have an old delco steam unit just like in the video.

Thanx, John.
Does calcium chloride corrode? I’ll have to check that out.

TO be honest, I just want to do this on my house… Is it worth pulling my equipment out???

I just realized this post dates back 6 years… Did any of you end up adding this ice dam removal service to your business? I’m trying to decide on a machine and would appreciate learning from your experiences!