IBC Tote imploded!

I accidentally ran my tank dry and sucked my IBC tote inwards. Does anybody know a good trick to bring the tote back to its original state?

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Air compressor

Lol I did that the other day not paying attention…I just filled mine Back up with water and kept some in for a day or two and it was right back to normal.


Hopefully its back to normal tomorrow

How does this happen if it’s vented? Curious.

The lid was closed, I was working in a dirt muddy lot and I didnt want any contaminates getting inside the buffer tank. I should probably drill a small hole at the top of the tank to allow air in


I use a 2 1/2 screened bulk head fitting on top… as an added bonus if you ever hook up to a hydrant you already have the connection. Its also pretty handy for a drop stick if you use one for a roof system… but you gotta ditch the screen.


Where did you get 2 1/2 screen @Sharpe? Biggest I can find on the web is 2"

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I just cut a peice of mesh screen and screwed it in Under the bulkhead fitting. Kinda geto but it works well. They sell those cup ones that fit inside on amazon but I didnt like the way they looked and they seemed expensive. I’m sure you could get a cheap peice of thin grated metal from home depot and cut in perfectly sized to slide in there if you really wanted to get crazy.

I put one of these in my tank lid. I actually had some leftover from a job where I installed them in a customer’s outdoor lights (long story). They work great.


I have a 2" bung hole with 90 pvc elbow.


You dont have a bypass line setup?

What machine are you running?

How much tank capacity do you lose with that?

It is placed high, if i where to guess… 30gl?
Now a 2" might be over kill, but i figure 2" out then why not.
Or you can place it above the tank

My ghetto venting. I didn’t want to lose any capacity on these tanks. I figure the holes are small enough to discourage larger insects from getting in there. Smaller debris can be caught by the y-strainer that’s between the tank and machine.

What’s in the top, is that the fill line?

Here is mine. I misspoke earlier when I thought it was the metal vent it’s actually plastic.

Yeah, that’s the top of my hudson valve. Fills it right to the tippy top. Not sure if you can tell in the pic:

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I used a fuel filter but I like the bulkhead idea that Rick used and the cap that Steve used.

Since the fuel filter is so small I think I might switch to a bulkhead but use a Scotch-Brite pad instead of a screen. I’ve never had issues with the fuel filter though. The Scotch Brite is probably overkill since the water filter should catch anything that’s small enough to make it through a screen. I doubt anything would anyways.

Scotch Brite


That’s a pretty good idea with the scotch bright pad.