I was reading today the pressure washing industry is dead



I’m on the opposite side of that fence. Over the last couple of years I’ve found that a lot of potential customers are getting quotes from people who will PRESSURE wash their roof :flushed: I give them a brief, 30 second explanation of the differences between pressure washing and soft washing, and most of the time I get the customer. In fact, several times I’ve heard “I thought their price sounded too low, now I know why”, or something similar to that. @Innocentbystander is in a great place…he’s worked hard for years to build a business that he can run in the style that he likes, and it works well for him. My style is a bit different, and it works well for me. Consider everyone’s input, then find the style that works for you and that you’re comfortable with. If you try to do things someone else’s way, but you’re not comfortable with it, the customer will pick up on that and you’ll likely lose them.


You are very consistent. I remember you saying the same thing on ptstate over 8 yrs ago.


Hasn’t changed a bit lol. When I first came to this forum I knew it was William before I even looked at his profile. I used to not agree with some of things he said but after a few years I was like yep he was right.


I may be wrong, but I’m consistent :slight_smile:



I wouldn’t say wrong. You might have a different philosophy than others but it clearly works for you. You have given me some great advice over the years. The way you put things makes them stand out so I usually end up remembering it when I come across problems.