I want to up sell a parking lot

I want to upsell a parking lot on a bid I have to do on Monday. I was wondering if you guys could share some input do you charge by the hour ? by the square foot ? It’s all concrete dual level parking area with a bunch of black mold on it.

Estimate how long it will take you and figure out how much you need to make.

On larger jobs I like to get a ballpark with sqft but also take other things into consideration with how long it will take such as drainage, how dirty, foot traffic, am/pm work, will it be repeat business or one time deal, etc. take it all into consideration


This is how I do it!

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Thank you that helps out a lot it’s going to be at least a two day job

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I wash quite a few parking lots for new construction and there are a lot of variablea to consider when doing your estimate. I know I’ve learned from my mistakes and wish I found this forum sooner. What was the sq ft of the parking lot? Is it new / old concrete or asphalt? What’s the drainage like? Does it need skid steer broomed before washing? The list can go on and on. One method to upsell or get the contract is to ask them if you can do a sample spot for them say an 8x8 sq ft. This way they can see what there paying for and see the value.
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