I used Gutter Zap for the first time

Okay, so I did my first Tiger Stripe removal today. Since I live in Canada, my local supplier had Gutter Zap.

The videos for this product looked like it was apply and wipe the stripes off. I followed the directions, and found that I had to scrub really hard. I have no problem with scrubbing, but that is not in the description.

I feel like I need to increase the dilution maybe???

Or maybe I did not give it enough dwell time. But, it seemed to take a lot more time then the example vids, and a lot of scrubbing.

I did a blog for consumers if you are interested: http://www.danthewindowman.ca/blog/tiger-striping-on-eaves.html

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You have to pump spray on with about a 30% gzap 70% water mix, brush, rinse before it dries. Temps need to be over 60 degrees. Much easier to not offer the service.


Pressure tek’s gutter cleaner I’ve always just had to apply with a soft brush and lightly scub and rinse. Worked fantastic

I can’t get near the hourly goal rate with gutter brightning. Dropped it and never looked back

Damn, so what services do you offer.

I am starting off but already thinking good about this, I was a window cleaner first but ready thinking about limiting mop & squeegee work as much as I can.

I wash siding and limited sidewalk cleaning at apartments. No decks, gutter facing, driveways, windows, etc.


Gutter whitening sucks and is a tremendous waste of time and money.

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Problem is, where I live (Toronto area) the vast majority of houses are brick. So, if they hire a pressure washer it is to clean the eaves. And, the public does not understand the difference between dirt, mildew or tiger stripes. So if I show up at a job and leave tiger stripes, the client feels like their eaves are dirty.
I would prefer to price in the gutter whitening and just get it done to have a happy client.

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Maybe it was a bit too cold out when I did it. It was 62 degrees, and raining lightly. No sun.

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I would love to hear more about your sidewalk cleaning at apartments. How do you approach to quote? Are you removing gum as well? Any more info would be appreciated!

I look at it from Google earth, figure how long it will take to do and price accordingly. I pop gum in breezeways, but not on sidewalks.