I Use Hot Water and Reclaim

Do you care?

If so, ask away.

If not, ask away.

I’ve been dying to ask this… what do you do with the dirty water when you’re done with it? I have no clue whatsoever how reclaim works except it sucks up water you put down.

I have some basic filtration (sandtrap and filter in auto pump out) and then discharge to landscape.

I’m working to perfect it right now. Also want to start making some videos for my channel about it since it seems rare in the industry.

What’s the typical service life of the filter? Do you just throw it out when you’re done or can it be reused?

I rinse them and reuse.

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@Jordie a friend of mine who works on houses just bought this pump and loves it http://www.homedepot.com/p/Milwaukee-M18-18-Volt-Lithium-Ion-Transfer-Pump-Bare-Tool-Tool-Only-2771-20/300510172
im wondering if it could work to discharge to landscape, its so cheap one could even get two of them!
ill ask him if i can borrow it to test it out :smiley:

@squidskc you’re a huge Milwaukee fan i think this would interest you

obviously this isnt an expensive setup but it’s a nice portable option i think

I saw city workers using i guess a sump pump hooked up to a generator like this one: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B005ND19AE/ref=s9_acsd_top_hd_bw_bNcEGB_c_x_1_w?pf_rd_m=ATVPDKIKX0DER&pf_rd_s=merchandised-search-3&pf_rd_r=18H9BP25N9J3PXAH0WQH&pf_rd_t=101&pf_rd_p=4aee939e-007a-55e4-b9fc-7b639ad04975&pf_rd_i=348967011 my local supply store has one for $750


I haven’t run into any situations yet where I’ve been required to reclaim water or I’d consider it. For the time being, I think I’d probably turn it down, but who knows in the future. I’ve looked at a reclaim unit out of sheer curiosity. I asked Jordie questions because it’s helpful to know the answers to what you’re wondering. :slight_smile:

I do love my Milwaukee gear though. It’d take nearly an act of God to talk to me out of buying Milwaukee power tools, Toyota trucks, and Honda small engines.

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