I need your help

This cat has stolen pics from my website and copied content word for word. Even stolen stuff from a site in England. I called him 3 months ago and he was super cool and promised to change it. A month later I emailed him and sent him screen shots. I just called him and he told me there was nothing I could do to make him change it and that it wasn’t hurting him any. Please feel free to flood his number or email in an attempt to get him to be an honest business owner



didn’t i put you on to this guy? Lol. Ill shoot him a email now.

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A Google review explaining he stole your pictures is a good place to start


ok, how does one go about writing a review on google?

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nevermind. I remembered how

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I don’t know what all that means

I’ll call them repeatedly when I start finishin up washing at 3am on tues,wed,Thursday. And leave a 2 minute voice mail of nothing but the sound of my Hondas running,and chicken farm fans.@Innocentbystander


Does yours say “All rights reserved”?

The sad part is that if he’s not in direct competition with you and had called to ask if it was ok you would have probably let him

Not that I can find anywhere

You might try his web hosting service,they might have copied your stuff…
Leading Edge Web Design
9628 Birch Lane
Norwood N.C. 28128

Phone: 980-275-4630

I emailed him and called. No response and straight to voice mail

That might be a good idea. The guy likely told them what to put on there and gave them photos so they probably have no idea he stole it all from you. It’s a good idea to contact them but I think blowing up his phone with calls, emails, and texts might work too so count me in. He admitted guilt when he told you he would change it so he deserves it.


Let the games begin.

Did he use the same website builder you did William? Any idea?

Either way… I’m good at getting stuff worked out. I’ll call him tomorrow.

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Nope. I used Anya Curry.

Heck he stole content from a guy in England. What redneck from NC uses the word “colour” lol


What redneck from NC spells cleaning “cleaing”;on his website’s homepage?