I need to rent a pressure washer in South Carolina


I’m traveling for work this weekend. Is there anyone in the Georgetown, SC area I could rent a trailer from? I have a good amount of flat work to do and I only want to carry my surface cleaner and wand.


I searched Landa near Georgetown, SC and the first result was a dating profile for a woman named Landa… :joy:

Why don’t you subcontract it out?


We talked about that too. For the right price I would.


@Racer is in South Carolina. He might have a line on someone in that area if he’s not close.


Check with sunbelt rentals. Some locations have hot water units


Not a whole lot in Georgetown - depending on where you’re coming from, look in Charleston or Myrtle Beach. Wrong side of state for me. Lot of washers in both places. You’d probably have better luck on one of the FB pages.