I need pricing help (Wood Privacy Fence)

I have a job coming up to clean, strip and restain a privacy fence. It’s just a standard fence about 6 ft high with no lattice work or anything like that. The fence is in generally good condition but the client wants it cleaned and to change the stain. How would I price it by the running foot? It is pressure treated pine. I’m not sure what type of stain/sealer it has on it now but I can find out. I want to try the Armstrong Clark stain on this fence but I don’t know how far a gallon will go so that is hard for me to figure into the pricing. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated!

Also any tips on stripping and staining would be useful. I mean, I can get the job done and done well I’m sure but your experience will surely help me as this will be my first fence.

Thanks in advance!

Have you done any decks, wood?

Superior Pressure Washing
Montgomery County MD


Yes and they all turned out great. The problem is, they were all for friends or family or I threw them in for the experience and they were all just cleaned or stripped and cleaned. I haven’t stained one yet. Not that I think I can’t handle the job. I’m just not sure what I should be charging. And I understand some people say, well you need to figure out what you want to make an hour and decide how long the job will take and go from there. That’s all well and fine but I have no idea how long the job will take or how far a can of stain will go. There is a lot of fence there. I just thought maybe some of you had an idea of what you would charge per linear foot. That would get me in the ballpark and I could tweak it from there.