I need a safer option for Vinyl siding cleaning

Currently we have a lot of 4gpm 4k psi skid mount machines that I have purchased for the business and after careful reflection, I do not want my employees to have that amount of power at their fingertips. I am looking for a solution to giving them around 500psi - 750 max while still giving them the ability to wash the house and reduce their ability to cause damage with pressure.

These are the things I have considered.

  • Only give them soap tips and have them bypass the injector when rinsing
  • Some sort of low PSI chemical pump attached to the engines
  • Adjust the unloader to run at low pis (not sure if this ruins the pumps)

Anyways any input on this would be awesome. I would also like to have a proportioner if possible. 12v pumps are not an option because of the super low psi and I prefer an engine.

You really need to research this business. None of those are real world options


A three dollar soap nozzle will accomplish all your needs

Buy a m5ds nozzle for them, just mounted on trigger gun and an adjustable wand for when they do need pressure. Then train them.

Have you encountered less mist and pressure? I have only used the m5 twist with the injector right at the end of the gun. Do you know the range of psi at the end of the gun?

What about something like this?


Baffled as to how you expect to have employees wash houses for you when you don’t even know how to do it yourself.


Using a bigger orifice tip to reduce pressure is like, homeowner level competence of using a pressure washer.



We got a guy around here who does this and they turn out really nice.

Uh oh we got a badass over here



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Pressure gauge well tell you that in about 5 seconds, or do the math. 300 psi loss per 100 ft.

Hold up, I just got a request from those folks to clean it up. They said the last cleaning wasn’t to good and over priced at $35k lol :confused:

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If you are actually serious about hiring employees, train them correctly. If you don’t trust them fire them. It’s simple.




Not unless they’re family…fire 'em every week but they keep showing up for dinner :drooling_face:


Don’t get me started on working with my brother lol…

My two younger brothers are a mess. One got terminated the same night he started and one was let go his second night.