I might have to sell my company!

I’ve worked freelance in the TV industry since 2008. This gave me a lot of time free time which I filled by pressure washing (mostly fleet and some residential). I just received a fulltime offer that I cannot pass up but that means I might have to sell my company… Just wondering if anyone has any thoughts about this.

More details:

I washed for another company for 4 years then went out on my own in 2010. Because of marcellus shale boom here in Pennsylvania I made a very rugged custom setup that is highly mobile yet powerful.

I operate a 2007 Dark Grey F350 Super Duty Dualy with an 8’ bed. In the bed there is a lowprofile heavyduty ~370gal water tank. The tank can be top filled with auto cutoff for residential filling or bottom filled by 3 inch custom hydrant attachment at the rear of the bed. The tank was built in a custom aluminum cradle. Behind the tank sits the a compact version of the ALLISON HOT WATER SUPER SKID which includes horizontal Iron Horse burner and 18hp Vanguard engine. There’s about 800 hrs on it. I have made a custom variable upstream injection system and custom manifold for quickly switching from tank to residential supply, antifreeze filling and filter water replacement. This system is all inclosed in a paint matched bed cap. The cap has a 6 inch exhaust hole for the burner exhaust which is wrapped in exhaust tape. I went with a setup like this for mobility. This way I have the option to drag a trailer with extra water or anything else for that matter… A work light, flat bed, another trailer-style pressure washer. All my buckets, hoses, brushes and chem fits in the bed on the sides and with the room left over. Things like my extra parts, toolbox and other things reside in the full backseat of the cab. It’s a very interesting setup to say the least. It looks good and its functional!

Business has been growing but it hasn’t replaced my “day job”, I have a couple large fleets that I wash regularly but I have to make a decision soon. I don’t want to part with it but I also don’t want it just sitting in the driveway.

Any thoughts on how to sell it? Should I just part it out? It would make for a very great addition to a wash fleet. Oh, it could also come with a great website that I built.

Thanks for your time!


Selling a business like ours can be difficult because what it’s worth to us is not what someone will want to pay for it. If you have a list of clients with contracts in place then it has value. If no contracts then there is no guarantee the clients will go along with the new buyer. You clients become a list of names that may be customers for the new buyer.

The equipment has value. It can be sold separate from the client list or together. What is your net annually or monthly? How many hours on the machine and miles on the truck, etc. I’m sure others here will have advise as well. Good luck.

Thank for the reply! I’m not looking to make a million bucks. If it goes to a good home, I’ll be happy. I spent a lot of time building it, it’s been my baby since 2011 (I said 2010 by accident in the original post)!!

My net last year (which was my first full year of service) was negative but I’m projecting to at least break even this year and I have a deal in the works to pick up another large fleet (15 trucks) right now. I know I’m not going to make too much on my book of clients. I wish I had more time to grow the business! I never planned to go full time in my other career but that’s the way it works, I guess.

As for the machine, it has ~800 hrs on it with an oil change every ~75 hours. Everything works great. I think the truck has ~67k miles but I’ll have to double check on that.

I appreciate all the advice!

Start with pictures of your equipment, truck first. You may have very little value in your client list/website unless you do have signed contracts. Since you say your operated in the red your mostly likely value of your business is in the resale of your equipment.

Donald…What Phil said…Really all you have to offer is equipment, and we all know the story with that. Might be tough to sell truck and all, I would remove the equipment and sell separately.

Congratulations on your new job!!!

From what I’ve read your business has zero value and you will only get the value of your equipment in a sale, IF you’re lucky… I would part everything out if I was in your shoes. Which engine is in the truck?

Post some pics and a price for the whole lot please.

[MENTION=6609]BrianHSauls[/MENTION] I took that position so I’m out of town for the next week, I will be able to take pictures or video on Tuesday (5/7/13). Edit on an earlier post there is just over 62k miles on the truck.

Thanks to everyone else for the replies!


More info:

2007 Ford F350 Lariat Crew Cab Long Bed DRW 4WD; V8, 6.0L - Turbo (VIN: 1FTWW33P47EA50013), 62k miles, Adjustable Airlift Suspension, Banks 6 Gun w/ LCD, 2011 Leer 180 paint-matched truck cap with Full length Radius Side Windoors.

2011 Customized Envirospec Skid, Allison Iron Horse Horizontal Adjustable Temp Burner, Vanguard 18hp (786hrs), custom upstream chem injector, custom source manifold, residential top fill with automatic cut-off, 3 inch bottom fill, custom aluminum cradle, heavy duty 370 gal low profile water tank.

The unit is contained in the bed of the truck with the advantages being maneuverability and ruggedness. This setup also allows you to add a trailer for extra equipment, more water, or hauling a reclamation system.

Honestly, it’s a badass pressure washing rig. I need to sell it because after operating it for two years on the side, I’ve recently taken a fulltime position with my “day job” and do not have enough time to grow the business. I woud really like to sell it as a package.

I haven’t figured out how to use PWR uploader yet. So I put them on Flickr.

Go here for photos: Flickr: tadindustrial’s Photostream

If you have any specific shots you’d like to see, please send me a message or reply to this thread!

How much are you trying to get out of it? In all honesty, you will make far better money separating the two. I don’t know the value of the truck but the value of the PW setup with PW and tank in real world numbers would be around $2,000-3,000.

We can maybe make an offer about the set up. No interest in the truck. It’s a sweet ride but I could use the set up on a trailer.

Hey guys,I’m going crazy trying to keep up with my clients on the weekends while working fulltime so I’d like to sell everything as soon as possible. I’m asking $42k (firm) for everything. I’ll be available after 5pm on the weekdays until the 29th then I’ll be gone for 10 days. Private message me or reply to this thread if you have any questions. I really don’t want to sell the truck and the machine separately, sorry. Have a nice day!

I’m actually surprised you want to sell the truck at all. Sounds like a pretty sweet truck to me. But that’s because I’m a Ford guy lol.

Hey guys, I’m dropping the price to $35k for everything.

You could offer it to larger pressure washing businesses in your local area.

What are you asking for the HW machine?

I’d like to get $3,500 for everything.

Looked at pics on Flickr…can you please provide the length, width, height, and weight of HW machine please? Thanks

You equipment definitely has value, and maybe any contracts you have along with it.