I’m thinking I should walk?

@Dallsheep - have you ever seen anything like this?

whaddya’ll think? (Sorry - if I don’t have jobs I get a little punchy!)


Man. I don’t show y’all half the stuff I do because I don’t want to scare ya :joy:

That thing is a real tree house. Looks more forest than home. Reminds me of that dude with sea life growing on him in pirates of the Caribbean

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I actually get slightly agitated watching movies made in the UK. The sheer amount of mold and growth is appalling.

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Are you talking buildings or their teeth? :rofl:

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Shots fired

Same here lol. Watching a detective movie from england, all i saw was gloeocapsa magma everywhere. I was more focused on imagining throwing 3% at it than finding out who the murderer was in the story.

If you wash it and kill the growth, you’ve destroyed the exoskeleton structure and it will fall down within a week…the plant is probably the only thing holding the masonry together at this point…

I am roflmao right now at these comments. I have my wife critiquing the movies now as well - usually the first thing she says is “well that roof could use a good cleaning”. 10 years ago I wouldn’t have thought twice about it. Makes ya change how you see things though! I was belly laughing just now. I’m watching the Ted Lasso series and now I won’t be able to get my eyes off their teeth!


Try being a window cleaner and watching some movie about the 1800’s.