I’m looking for the geniuses of pressure washing for help

I’d really love some help on how to clean this or what chemical to use. I have a homeowner that would give up his first born for this to be clean. Thank you so much for any input

that’s a dedicated homeowner… yikes. Have you tried F9 or oxalic? Looks like rust.

I haven’t been to the house yet. Just got the pictures from the home owner. The house is brand new so I’m not certain it’s rust. I’m not sure though as I don’t have too much experience in these chemical jobs.

AH. New concrete, I imagine they covered it for storms or frost or something? Do you have a hot water machine? I was researching pinto and mottled concrete, which can happen if it’s covered, about a year ago and the prescription was hot water to clean, white vinegar or highly diluted muriatic acid (a rust remover) and a stiff brush, and back to hot water.

My driveway at home has pinto concrete…anything you do to it is temporary…look good for a week and comes right back. Hopefully, all of it is not the same as mine.

Vinegar makes mine better…but like I said…it is short lived.

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Looks like about average around here. Clean it, bleach it and then come back with pics of whats left. Looks like they poured that when they did the slab and has just gotten dirty. Looks like a little mud in there so after everything else do the F9 or Oxalic. Don’t give it away. You may spend an easy hour or so on that.

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Wait, @Ikii was right?!?

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