I just want to grill a steak

Ok so I was looking through the Facebook for deals on a grill. I came across in this Viking grill and thought it would be fun to restore it back to show room quality or close to it. So far this is the list of cleaning products I have tried. Easy off oven and grill cleaner, oven cleaner, WD 40, PB blast, sos pad, steel wool, vinegar, baking soda, EBC, SD20, never dull, dawn dish soap, one restore, F9 double eagle, iron fall out remover, bleach white tire cleaner, all wheel wheel cleaner, goo gone, air craft remover, brake and carb cleaner, ox acid, simple green, rubbing alcohol and a few mystery bottles of who knows what laying around the race shop. I have not used a citrus best cleaner to my knowledge yet but I really doubt that’s going to be the trick. And easy off seems to work the best but it still is falling a little short to say the least. It’s been a while since I’ve had to say this but I have no clue what I’m doing and I need help. I just want to get it cleaned and then rinse my heart out and sanitize this thing so it’s safe to cook on.

Contact Viking customer support.

They want you to call a local viking technician to come and clean it. The type of people that buy these don’t work on their own stuff.

880degrees for 5 hours should do it. or baking soda with vinegar into a paste apply, dwell, wipe off.

Sounds like you spent more in chemicals than you did on the grill! Send it to the scrapyard, it’s done ruint! If you ain’t cooking on charcoal, you oughtta just go to Applebee’s. Or if you’re determined… go to the dollar store. They have the grill you need for 20 dollars. Cook it in the flames! That’s how it’s done. Just watch the heat. Cook with the lid off & just put it on for a few seconds here & there when the flame gets crazy. Keep WD40 and all that away from them steaks.

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I’ll be happy to teach you the methods & mayhem of steak grillin mastery in person & include 2 complimentary 20 oz porterhouse steaks (for you and one guest, fully loaded baked potatoes included), grilled to perfection & all it will cost you is one black and yellow Honda Ruckus. You ain’t doing nothing with it no how! It probably don’t even run haha. Carbs are probably all clogged up with cholesterol & old fuel. I can fix that. Holluhhh!!! She wants me to take her for a ride.

Haha, I’m just saying. If you know how to grill a steak, you’re better off without that big hunk of aluminum & all them chemicals. It’s more valuable at the scrapyard than it is in my back yard. Sell it! Turn a profit. Buy some charcoal & make a trip to the store. Surely I’m not the only dude around here that knows how to grill a steak? I’ll be glad to teach all of yun’s if need be. But don’t go asking about my chili recipe. That’s classified information. Unless you ask real nice. Then I might talk about it.

I have another grill that works fine actually lol. I got this one for $500. I saw restored ones like this selling for 4 to $5,000. Thought I would film the process for my youtube channel and was looking forward to seeing it all shined up. The rucks on the other hand. I ride that thing all the time. I put over 1,000 miles on it this summer. Put performance shock on the back, forks on the front, variator, sliders, custom seat, and I did a plug and play cdi module. It goes 52 miles an hour now. I had to go to great lengths to keep it so it looks pretty much stock yet. My plan is to get another one and that one I’ll go real crazy with a bunch of carbon fiber body panels and lower it down. Not sure what motor I’m going to do but I want to be able to hit 80 no problem.

I thought you “just wanted to grill a steak” haha. Sell them fancy grills cheap (for a profit or for scrap) & buy a charcoal grill. That’s solid advice… That’s a nice Ruckus! I totally dig it. Just keep it away from cars & keep your steaks away from WD40 & other crap. A 20 dollar grill & a sack full of charcoal is all you need if you want to fix up a world class steak. Also, salt & pepper are good to add in up front. Bake a tater in the microwave while you are at it, thank me later haha. I hope it all works out well.

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By the way I bought a 93 Z50 a while back. It’s a blast to ride but it shooo is dangerous! Take care & be careful out there!

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Salt and pepper on a steak is compulsory. It’s not even debatable on any level. Without salt and pepper you’re just playing games on the grill. The grill isn’t a place for games.


My man! Did I miss the salt & pepper? Let me backtrack a bit… Black pepper & sea salt. This is an implied minimum. Any ole salt will do alright in a pinch but you need the best quality black pepper you can get ahold of. Sauer’s is some awesome spices all around & they are all over my spice rack. @MuscleMyHustle You skipped the charcoal altogether when we was talkin the “grill”. You ain’t one of those propane guys are you? Haha. I bet not.

This dude “just wants to grill a steak”. Let’s help him out haha. Tell us about them smoldering coals!

I didn’t skip it, I figured it’s standard procedure for any male grilling cow.

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Cool project - Have you tried Barkeepers on it? They even have a guide on using to clean grills
Outdoors | Outdoor Cleaning Products | How to Use | Bar Keepers Friend®

Post some pics when you get it all done.


After continued effort it was pretty apparent that all I could do was bust out the grinder. I don’t think I’m going to sell it until the spring because then it will fetch top dollar so I’ve been picking away at it. I’m trying to make sure I can get the True sear burner working and looking perfect because new ones are $825. I pretty much have to grind most of the stuff down and then I’ll end up hitting it with a green Scotch-Brite pad and then follow that with probably a blue or maybe bronze woll and that will give the surfaces the brushed finish they are supposed to have. I just about said screw it and gave up but I’m so curious to see if I can create a masterpiece when I’m all done. Also I notice people get millions of views and videos where they restore some old shovel or some crap so hopefully I can put together all of my footage and get some money off the views to and I’ll be sure to post it here.

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hit @marinegrunt up, i think he used bd200 on a grill and it looked fantastic when he was done.

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2 step it. Hit that thing with strong HF followed by a high ph soap to get it back to a workable project then get with Sic Rigz and buy there Rouge and waffle pads and polish it out with a 3500 rpm grinder. Don’t ask these SH flower killers how to polish a stainless turd, its not in there DNA, they do plastic vinyl.
And for the love of baby Jesus throw that stupid chemical guys foam cannon in the dumpster.

You want it to look like that, not like your picture above.


I want a brushes finish as the outside is really pretty nice and its all brush stainless. The inside yeah I think I might actually do a polished finish on a few parts now that you have me the idea. A few parts would look sweet with a chrome like finish and really set off the look when you open it up. Thank you for the tips and ideas. I am able to sand blast some of the stuff like the grates and one pass with the air powered grinder/ polisher and they look brand new.