I have a 10Hp Briggs & Straton engine, need to find a pump

The motor has low hours, looking to put a pump on it. I believe its a 1" shaft. looking to start up something small business-wise so I’m not willing to splurge just yet.

It’s too small and underpowered. Find yourself a used 4gpm Honda unit. If the business isn’t for you you’ll still have a pressure washer for home use that will last you over a decade. Can’t lose.


It has a tapered shaft inside of one with a key way. I’m sure they make adapters but it just adds to the cost when you would be better off getting something else as mentioned above. Before deciding on anything start reading through old threads on here. You’ll be surprised what all you can learn. Plus it’ll help you go about a business the right way and make $150-$200+ washing versus $30 an hour.

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100GA13_16286_600 You could get something like this for about $300. It won’t last for professional use, and you’d be wasting your money, but the lessons you’d learn trying to start a business with no money and no plan would be worth 100 times what you paid for the pump.


Thanks for the advice guys. I thought I’d double check here before wasting my time. I’ve been looking around on Facebook marketplace and I found a listing with a leaking pump. Is it worth rebuilding or no?

don’t bother. you want 13hp minimum.

I deleted your other topic since it was redundant

Ok thanks

@Steve makes a good point. Don’t rush into things without a plan. If you can, try and save up a little cash before starting up. I would recommend spending the summer and winter researching on this forum. I guarantee you’ll go a whole different direction than what you plan on now. That will also give you a chance to save up for equipment, insurance, filing for business, marketing materials, etc. Every person I’ve seen stick around the forum and listen to the advice of others now run a very successful pressure washing business. Many have quit good paying, full-time jobs to start washing full-time and didn’t even plan on quitting their full-time job in the beginning. Go about things the right way and that could be you if you really want to.


I appreciate all the help, will keep looking around the forum. Thanks again