I got a new machine

So my surface cleaner is striping because it is floating how do I fix that problem

set a brick on it lol


That’s all u got is a brick haha

But it might be spinning to fast what if I move a nozzle so it’s running like a 4.5 instead of a 4 gpm

I’d set some weight on it first to hold it down before I fiddled with nozzles

what size surface cleaner are you running also 2 or 4 bar ?

20 and a 16 inch 2 bar do you think 4bar would change the speed???

Both surface cleaners are striping on you?

Not sure if the 4bar will change the speed or not I’ve just read that the 4 bars dont work well with 4gpm machines.

I read the same thing I didn’t know if it’s spinning to fast if that would fix it slow it down

You want it to spin fast. WW advertises theirs spin at 2500rpm. Go buy an ankle weight like for workouts. They have velcro and just fit around the spindle. Will probably need 3-5 lb weight.

I’ve got a heavy pipe wrench ziptied on mine. Works great


On the spine

Put an elbow on the swivel to change water force. That will stop the floating and no need for weights.

I’ve seen guys buy jogging weights at the dollar store and zip Tie them to machine

I changed my tip to 3’s problem solved

I changed the tips and made them bigger BAM fixed the problem