I found my stolen trailer!

My trailer was stolen in February and here’s a video of what was on it.

Well, a guy came up to me last night and told me that he thinks he found my trailer and to look here.

It was my trailer!!!

It is Missing my ridgid air compressor, my 13hp 8gpm cold machine, 18" hammerhead, and a cox reel and about 400" of hose. Better than what I figured I would ever find.

The guy who bought it from the auction is in Yazoo City, MS and we go this week to pick it up. The guy who consigned it to the auction house is a career criminal with a history of stealing commercial equipment. The guy who stole it I don’t think ever fired it up and the guy who just bought it this week didn’t fire it up either. You guys need to video tape ALL your inventory because you never know when you will need it and it will help you.

Awesome!!! Only like 15 percent of stolen property is ever found

wow, it’s amazing that you tracked it down! persistence pays off! congrats. hopefully you can nail the thief to the wall. time for some southern justice.

Bet it’s like a bonus now!
Great to hear, Jeremy.

Glad to hear you got it back. Hope you can nail him.

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That is great news Jeremy!! Hopefully your find helps to nail the bastard to spend a long time with Brutus “the killer” fruitcake in the slammer.

They know who did it and have warrants out on him.