I finally got her set up

I fired up the new system today! Everything works great!
I got a few before and after pictures for the website, and my REALLY old fence finally looks presentable!
I my first job is Monday. I bid a small fleet washing job. 15 Fed Ex trucks at $20 a peace. Nothing special. I’m just going to do a quick 2 step wash, to help out a friend.


Fence looks good. Use the collage feature to do side by sides of before and after.

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How’d you wash the fence and what is your 2 step process?

No, f-10 and f-8. It didn’t come out perfect, but a good portion of the boards are rotten all the way through. It really needs to be replaced.

No what? I was asking what your 2 step process is going to be. Next time you don’t see it coming out the way it should just repeat your process before you neutralize. Then next time you do one similar you’ll know to use a stronger mix.

The fence looks a little better, now that it has dried out.

@Max1 ah okay. I will be using Hydrofluoric acid and the local hotsy dealers truck soap. The trucks are supposed to be ups style box trucks with no chrome.

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Congrats on your setup. Is that a 100 gallon tank?

I’ve got the same trailer, with tilt and centered axle.

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@Propilot787 yes its 100 gallons. Tractor supply has a 130 gallon tank for $100 dollars less than what I paid, but I didn’t have time to wait for shipping. I have a hudson tank valve set to fill it to about 50 gallons. A lot of houses in Dallas have really low water pressure, or wells in the rural areas. So, figured I I should have something for backup.

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Thank you!

@Redjess it looks so small! But, she gets er done with room to spare. I think the whole setup only weighs 450 or 500 lbs. I’m happy with it so far.

I’m sure I’ll be happy too once mines completed

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