I finally found a way to get rid of the vine roots attached to the house!

I have searched everywhere and this is the most effective method!


Can’t wait to see your video using this method on vinyl siding!!:joy_cat:

Bonus: works on artillery fungus!


Lol…I can’t wait to try this on vinyl! I will keep you posted.

Video won’t play…


I suspect that’s the idea.

The video is supposed to work. Basically saying the only way to get it off is to use a torch, but this guy demonstrates the process.

Ive had good success Down streaming zeps root killer. You can get it at home depot where the drain cleaners are.


Nobody do what i said please it was a joke.

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Thanks I was about to run to Home Depot and get some.

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No problem round up 365 concentrate works alot better. Might need to xjet it for heavy foliage.

Followed by by x-jetting gasoline on it?! :grin: