I finally cancelled Home Advisor! Or did I?

After weeks of holding on for customer service, I finally got through. I put my leads on hold a while back until I could finally talk to someone at HA. I kept trying, holding for 10, 20, 30 or more minutes then Id just have to hang up and go to work. This went on for weeks. Well after officially cancelling (and hearing all about how its a huge mistake, how detrimental it will be to my online presence and so on), I got quite a surprise. $77 in charges followed a week later by $33 in charges. Ive had no leads come through to pay for so what gives?

So, I called today again and same deal. They dont answer. I waited on que for chat. When you choose to chat, you first describe what your issue is. I typed “charges and cancellation”. So I waited the 12 minutes until the next available agent and when I was next up, they disconnected.

After selling me leads that were sold the day before (I called the leads immediately), not crediting my bad info leads (numbers that are not in service), getting cussed at and told I need to take salesman classes “because you suck at sales” I could puke. These people/ this company is so filthy I could not imagine running my business this way. Truthfully, I couldnt afford the retainer required by the team of attorneys needed to stay in business without ripping people off. Im so fed up with the dishonesty and stealing. I thought cancelling would finally get me out of this mess, I was wrong. Im trying to make a life for my family, raise my kids and Im working long, difficult hours to do it. These people are leaches, have no morals or ethics. Ive read about the other experiences people have had, Im happy for any successes you guys have, but my entire deal with them has been terrible. I now have to make the time to change my banking before next friday when more charges may go through. And if they try, I wonder if they attack your credit somehow? Trying to buy a house, that would really mess some things up. Best of luck.


They are scum


“You check out any time, but you can never leave”.

If you switch you bank account number to avoid fraudulent charges, I’m sure HA will report it to the bureaus. That’s just the kind of organization they are. But you have the ability to to contest any info on your credit report, and if you can prove HA had no legal right to the money, it will get removed from your scoring.

I would also speak with your bank about reversing the spurious charges they’ve already made.

Im so sick of these guys its really becoming stressful. Curious if an attorney can be hired just to deal with the cancellation process. I dont want anything other than to be released from any further dealings.

I cannot even wrap my brain around the problems people are having with HomeAdvisor… it boggles my caveman mind.

Like this lead is a $4000 job. We’re doing inside, outside, and a little concrete…

When I call they’re always pleasant and bend over backwards for me. It really does suck if other people are having these problems especially if they’re trying to improve their reputation… bonkers

I’m just luckier than I deserve I guess, but I had a run in with Yelp that required a call to the state’s attorney general office. They still won’t delete my profile because it’s apparently public property now.

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This is exactly what Im dealing with. This isnt a rare circumstance.

This is the first time I’ve watched these videos and frankly, if that’s the kind of business they’re running it’s not really a company I care to associate with either.

I sincerely believed that service pros were just neglecting to learn the system.

This is bittersweet because they’ve been great for me, but I had no idea about the employee reviews.

I’m going to read some more reviews and watch a couple more videos so I’m armed with some information when I call Monday.

I’m calling a girl I grew up with too who used to work sales at HomeAdvisor before leaning for a different sales job.

Ouch, Ouch, Ouch, & more Ouch!


I signed up for home advisor last week on their $288/yr sale and have already had two leads, closed on one at $400, quoted another highly likely at $225, so I’m pretty excited for what I’m going to get from them as the year continues

And the phone rings again followed by email:

Will I ever be rid of these guys…

Nope. I hope they don’t have your credit card number. I had a lady call me last week wanting work done and she said she found me on angies list. I don’t even remember ever being on their site but I told her to call someone else. I don’t want my business to have any association with thieves and scammers

They do have my card number. Thats given when you sign up. Every Friday they charge your past weeks leads. We will see Friday if they debit my acct. again. If they do, and maybe even if they dont, all interactions past and future will be documented on youtube for anyone to see and linked to every facebook group, forum, twitter, google etc. accounts I have or can get to.


If you feel it’s deserved you can join the class action lawsuit against them too.

I dont feel like Im out enough money to warrant that yet. But, honestly, I would like to be a part of their undoing. If they hit thousands of contractors like they did me, and it sounds like they did, it would be lots of money. Over years and years…

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I bet they make the documentary “American Greed” sometime in the future.

I’m just to high, I have had 7 calls got the first it paid my dues and gave me $150 more… The other calls some guy is dong dirt cheap, like 200 for a 400 job…
Im getting out cancel my leads…

here we go…

I already sent them this

Good luck. If they have your card number on file that will keep charging it til you cancel the card