I am Chuck Bergman Roof Cleaning and Pressure Washing, Charlotte County Florida

[COLOR=#000080]This is my 1st post, so I figured a video would show what I do, better than just my 1 fingered typing! LOL
I’m also just about to head off to bed. So, here’s my business cleaning a roof.
I NEVER start up a pressure washing machine while roof cleaning.[/COLOR]


I see I need 5 posts before I can post a video and I’m too tired to think anything up tonight. I’ll try another time.


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Welcome Chuck!

Hey Chuck, Glad to have you here.

Hey Chuck–Did you use to post on the bulletin boards years ago like in the early 2000’s? Your name rings a bell.

Hi Chuck. Though i’d help you out. Nice to see you here.


[MENTION=803]Thad[/MENTION] you have a great website. I love the way it is set up.

I take absolutely zero credit for the cool design and features. Chris and the design team get the credit.

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