Hydroxide content in hypochlorite


Hello pressure washers,

One of the few SH suppliers in my area has 5% hydroxide in their 10% SH. Is this too much? I will be downstreaming at 10:1 so the hydroxide will be at .5% when it hits the surface. I understand that hydroxide is bad for oil-based paints?


Find another supplier. That is the same junk as outdoor chlorox that home Depot sells. Don’t spray it on a house that is painted or on vinyl siding


@innocentbystander Thanks. I thought the same but supply leads are thin so I figured I’d run it here to see what people had to say.


O.M.G. I wonder if this is what happened to me, my clients, and their paint,stain, etc… 3-4 years ago I (briefly) tried a new supplier that had opened shop in my area. I cheated on my tried and true, honest to a fault, professional to the core supplier, who helped me get my company off the ground, for a few measly dollar (well, almost half price) and PAID! I even consulted my guy before trying the new guy and he assured me there was no way someone could sell honest to god, pure, 100% Colombian cocain cough, ahem! 12.5% sh at those prices. Alas, I did not listen and nearly wept as I watched results of my senseless betrayal…Unstoppable streaking and stripping of the worst kind. I didn’t even care if KFC was still open.


SH is sold up to 20%, typically it is at 12.5%, 10%. or 5%.

Even at 20% the Caustic content is no greater than 3%.