Hydrotek Muck Scupper

Does anyone have any experience with this tool? Looks like a great idea. Seems like it would be a nice accessory for those areas where flatwork waste water doesn’t have anywhere to go. Maybe cheaper than a full reclamation system too.

I don’t know much about this type of equipment, though. maybe some of you experienced guys could comment.

We use a similar item. it pumps quick!

Easily attaches to pressure washer and turns it into a high output pump. Great for flood clean up, car wash pits, emptying pools or chemical spills (discharge hose sold separately) - SPRAY NOZZLES QUICK CONNECT / 1/4 MEG / 1/8 MEG / HOLDERS / SPECIAL

We also have the same sludge pump that Tim is showing there. Also just recently I purchased this vacuum squeegee tool from Tracy Handle(he needs to become a PWRA member if he’s not already hint hint) hard surface squeegee aluminum wand floor tool for water removal - Google Search
What I like about this tool is it’s great to pick up water that pools up and if it’s a man made lake we make in some of these garages I can just take the squeegee head off and drop the pole in the lake and pump it out.

nice, that’s what i was thinking. we do a lot of surface cleaning where landscaping prevents easy drainage. something like this will make it easy to just pump that water out into the lawn or whatever.

We use ours to transfer water from a tote tank. We wash houses on cisterns where we carry all of four water. Back in the day, we would throw a 325 dome top ag tank in the back of the pickup and refill the tank on the trailer onsite. That pump moves like 45 gpm.

After looking at both i think the hydrotek may be better if it will pick up less than a inch deep i think the pressure tek one will only pick up if it is deeper than an inch of water I would want one to pick up all the water if possible

Then go with the hydrotek one. I actually wanted to buy that one awhile back. You can’t go wrong with Hydrotek anything.

I have one we have used minimal times. But when you need its there. And I think the one we have is named Sludge Sucker. I got it back several years ago so they may not be around anymore. Tim is right with the amount of water…Its way up there. Not sure what the exact number of mine is.

I have been wanting this just found this site it’s great never knew pressure washing was so big

There are thousands of companies that do some type of Powerwashing. I had a disc that had around 40,000 companies on it around 8 yrs ago that did some type of Powerwashing.
Today there’s probably at least 20,000 more. It’s a huge industry.

Oh by the way Jeremy I started my Powerwashing business Clean County Power Washing - Homepage | Clean County Power Washing the same age you are now. Almost 19yrs later I’m still doing pretty good.
I am always thankful for these bulletin boards because you learn so much from likewise professionals. You’ll do fine here and even better if you become a PWRA member where you can save tons of money with the benefits that come with your membership-- Food for thought:cool:

thanks john yea i just found pwra its awsome . machine in your profile pi is that a surface cleaner if so what do they cost my father and me used to do a parking garage with extension poles and shoveling out garbage cans full of dirt sludge thanks for the info

That drive on suface machine new back in 2007/8 when I purchased it was about $30,000.

Hey there does that tool clean too or just suck up after pressure washing?