Hydro chem HCS400

Has any one used this on flatwork and/or cinder block? Is it any good? thinking about buying a drum. Any other suggestions on something that will clean and brighten concrete.

No but I just found out a few weeks ago they are 30 minutes from me. Always seen their building and assumed they sold hydro growing equipment. Excited to try their products

@Hotshot @Patriotspwashing don’t you guys use this stuff? I’m looking for something strong that I can stretch out for gas stations. Thinking about getting a drum of this. @Hotshot do you have a business name or number where I can purchase? The purple power just isn’t cutting it and I think by me adding hydroxide I’m spending the same or more to use this va a real degreaser like this.

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Ask for Chad Reiffer.



Thanks @Max1 ole buddy
I was indisposed getting my junk fixed lol

Still working on it lol. Wiring problems, no heat

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Did you shave your goat? :rofl:

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Behave @marinegrunt :joy:
Got someone working on it smarter than me