Hydraulic Line on Lift broke, Fluid all over House!

I have a friend who is getting a new roof put on and the lift the roofers were using blew a hydraulic line and it sprayed all over the house. Any suggestions on chemicals &/or cleaning process? Initial thoughts would be to use any type of degreaser but wanted to see if anyone else had first-hand experience with this. Vinyl siding on the house.

Walk away. Let insurance handle it

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If your going to do something do it right now. Hydraulic oil seeps in fast and usually after 24 hours it’s really hard to get out. Like IBS said it’s probably a lost cause. The house or areas will need to be painted or siding replaced.

Replace siding, it will never look the same from what I’ve seen.

Sorry to hear that, hope no one was hurt. A hydraulic line that bursts can cause very serious injuries. The hydraulic needle effect is real. An old coworker was in the hospital for awhile when one on his tractor burst. It pushes the liquid into the skin and further in.

Yea that oil is almost Tar like. Even on concrete it’s pretty much impossible to remove

Thanks for the input. The building supplier that was delivering the shingles that blew the hydraulic hose is going to take care of replacing the siding for them. Small local business doing the right thing. :+1: