Hydraulic fluid on asphalt

Have any of you tried any of the new “miracle cleaners” on asphalt? What kind of results?

Thanks for putting this up Thad.

Have any of you found anything that works without destroying the asphalt?

My recommendation is : Bio-Dry

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Have you used it?

Yes I do know of something. Will give you a call…

Hydraulic oil is among the easiest to remove if the surface is concrete. Cement would be a bit more difficult due to the “Softness” of the cement and asphalt even more at times. Of course any of these three surfaces also depends on the elements that is combines with the Hydraulic fluid as well.

How to remove hydraulic oil from asphalt would be a slight challenge. If you use a degreaser, how would the degreaser product that you would be using know what to remove and what not to remove? Slurry is a petroleum base product, Hydraulic fluid is a petroleum base product, just more refine. So a good degreaser would do the work of removing the Hydraulic Fluid AND the Slurry as well. Your client may not be too happy if the slurry starts to break down after the cleaning. Been there done that back in 1988 when I was teaching myself on how to clean and remove oil !

There are a number of ways you can try. Find a degreaser that is not so strong or dilute your favorite degreaser that you use. (Consult with the manufacture of the degreaser for other problematic situations, like white residue) Then you need to use heat to break the bond of the oil. I would not be aggressive with the pressure from the washer. Your Pressure Washing experience and the type of washing equipment you use will play a huge roll in this.

You MUST have a filter on this type of cleaning. You most-likely will remove some of the slurry from the asphalt if you are not experienced in working with asphalt. This will need to be captured and dispose of correctly to your local AHJ and POTW requirements. This oil removal will not be able to dump into the landscape. It will most likely kill the landscape.

There is a dry method that I heard about, but have not tried it. Sounds like it might work in a limited capacity…
Call me, I will tell you about it…again, have not tried it so I do not want to post it giving someone false hopes.

No I have not used it yet but theoretically it makes sense. I ordered a couple pounds and i would record my demos.

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[FONT=Arial][SIZE=3]Here is some before and after photos of our work that I recently posted on another BBS…



I try to take them in the same angle and same direction. We try to wait as long as possible before taking the photo’s. Our hopes are to get the concrete dry before taking the after photo’s and before we have to open that level for parking.

A trick that some of our competitors use when showing their work is to take the photo when the concrete is saturated with water. This will hide all of the oil stains that was not removed from the cleaning. After doing this a few times, the customer will become wise to the deception of the photos and the work that was done.

I just did a search, and yes, my photos that I have posted showed up again on someones site advertising the photos as their work. I am glad that they appeared to remove the photo within minutes of my call.