Hurricane pressure washers

Does anybody know anything about the hurricane hot water pressure washers available from window cleaning resource. There’s not much info on the site and I can’t find anything online.

They have general pumps, no unloader block, cheap unloaders, small engines and gas tanks. That’s 5 strikes.


Good to know. Thanks for the info.

What don’t you like about General Pump’s?

They are a decent entry level pump but if you are going to do this daily you’ll be repacking the pump every 1000 hours and they are toast if they run without water. Udors are typically good for about 4000 hours before a rebuild and they are bullet proof. Search for the cut away off the one they ran for 4 hours dry. No damage.

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Hello friend,
I want to share some information about the type of hurricane pressure washer. There are following types of hurricane pressure washer available.

  1. Hurricane P1
  2. Hurricane P2
  3. Hurricane P2HR
  4. Hurricane Combi P2
  5. Hurricane P4
  6. Hurricane P4HR
  7. Hurricane Combi P4
  8. Hurricane P5
  9. Hurricane D1ES
    10.Hurricane D1ESHR
    The pressure washers having the different Sound Power Level and Engine Power Requirement so you can use it according to your requirement.

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What colors can we choose from them, and in what flavors do they come?, What else is important for a pressure washer, I’m a newbie don’t know much about pressure washing, so maybe how many power watts of sound they produce, and what do you think would be the Engine power requirement for for usage according to my requirement?

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Look into legacy pumps. They claim they ran their pump dry for 24 hours, took it apart and no damage, nonwear and tear, looked like new!

On their website they state they encourage you to take their pump apart and look at the components and how it’s made on the inside.
I’ve got one of theirs and love it!

I ended up buying a pressure pro and this thread had alot to do with it but in my opinion pressure pro vs hurricane really isnt that different. Very similar machines.