Huntsville Workshop is filling up fast!

Hey Guys and Girls, seats are filling up fast for the Huntsville Workshop! I think we are close to the halfway mark for our current capacity within our first week or so of opening registration. Here is a lineup of some of our speakers: Curt Kempton, Michael Kreisle, Thad Eckhoff, Anya Curry, DJ Carroll, Mike Cook, April Dodson and that is not including the other speakers like a DOT Trooper, an Organizational speaker, a EDDM representative from the USPS, and a quick books instructor. If you are on the invite list or are a PWRA member and are on the fence about coming, trust me, you WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED! Tickets as of now are first come, first served, so register now!

Be looking for more announcements soon, and there will be vendors there like Bob from Pressure Tek, Russ Johnson from Southside Equipment, Bidslot, Responsibid, WCR will be demoing some equipment, and we are in the works with a couple other vendors for specialty products.

I need to get on it…

me = best at procrastination.

Trey, YOU NEED TO BE AT THIS EVENT! Have you ever been to a networking event?

Not a pressure washing event, no…

Jeremy, if Trey doesn’t get a move on give his PWRA member spot to one of the guys who really wants to come.

Talk crap no more! :wink:

Bought the ticket. I’m coming lol

Oh, man- are you gonna get your mind blown!
I wish you had been to a crappy event first so you can appreciate how good this one is going to be.

That’s what i’m hoping!

Is there a hose rolling event he can make it to before Huntsville? :wink:


There an entry fee to that?

I am so excited

I am so excited