Huntsville Alabama Event

Looks like the Huntsville Alabama event this November is shaping up very nicely…

Im going to be making a trip over to it… Anyone else in the area have plans to go?

PWRA members receive discounted admission.

Chris, actually PWRA AND WCRA members receive discounted admission!

Oh Nice!

Here are a few of the topics that will be covered:

Michael Kreisle: “Out of the Box Marketing”
[B]Do you want to build a highly profitable lean, mean, marketing
machine? Michael Kreisle of First Choice Power Washing, LLC and Loose
Lips Marketing will share his tricks and tips for getting maximum ROI
on your marketing dollar in “Out of the Box Marketing”.

Michael founded FCPWLLC in 2002 and has focused since then on building
a laser-targeted business aimed at the “right” customer and high
profit margins. He has been active in the industry, donating time and
expertise to contractors, online forums, and organizations.[/B][B]

Curt Kempton- Turn Your Company Website Into a Magic Money Funnel[B]

This session will focus on avoiding the pitfalls of most
websites that simply talk about why the company thinks they are so
great. Curt will show you simple ways to make a website visitor enter
into your sales process and convert new leads into business

Curt Kempton’s approach to his business being a “Customer service
business… that happens to do windows” has been the mantra that has
lead him to reaching many of his business and personal goals. His
passion for business systems and focus on working ON his business,
rather than the day-to-day operations has let him create a profitable
business that is synergetically connected to his internal beliefs and
His high enthusiasm is sure to be contagious!

Perry Tait- What Your Customer Sees … When They See You ![B]

Experience a riveting exploration of the way to influence your customers’
perception of you. You will learn insights into your clients’ mind that will
empower you- and get your customers to love you.
Imagine now how life would be if you had knowledge of how to increase
your profits, retain your best customers, and get unlimited referrals.

Perry has spent a life in sales and marketing, studying the psychology of
consumer behavior. Originally from New Zealand, he spent 25 years in sales
and franchising in Australia. Then a new adventure called 2.5 years ago and
he moved to Shanghai, China to source and develop the Reach-iT range of Water
Fed Poles and the Wash-iT range of Spot-Free Pure Water Systems.

He started with his son in April 2011 and has customers
in 17 countries. He is flying from Shanghai for 3 days only.

Thad Eckhoff- “Dominating Your Residential Market.”[B]

Do want your competitors to gnash their teeth when they hear your
name? And the homeowners to swoon? You will become THE go-to company in
your area when you apply the strategies and step-by-step processes in
“Dominating Your Residential Market”.

Thad left many years of sales behind to start a pressure washing and
window cleaning business for a less stressful life. He quickly found
that any business is still built on making the phone ring and closing
the sale and that his background in sales and direct marketing were a
huge plus in running a service business. Thad owns Apex Services and
is co-founder of the Pressure Washing Resource Association.

April Dodson- “To Learn How or to Know How?”
This session will focus on “An Intimate Sales Process”. From finding your
lead to closing the deal, April will show you how to close 7 out of 10
commercial leads!

April Dodson has been in sales her entire career and has run a successful kitchen hood
cleaning business for 11 years. She has since founded Bidslot Marketing, a professional
lead generation service for all commercial cleaning companies.

Bidslot’s motto is: "People of accomplishment go and make things happen![/B][/B][/B][/B][/B]

Simple Steps to Achieve Success
Karen Wright, owner and founder of Life Simplified, LLC will get back to the basics and share five proven successful tips, and their benefits, to help you find balance between you personal and professional life. Successful businesses all over the world are profitable because of her teachings.

In this high energy seminar, DJ Carroll delivers what it takes to get your team motivated! Get the note pads ready as we take a ride down the pathway to personal development. Attendees will learn the true meaning of success and how to stay F.R.E.S.H. to achieve it! Goal setting techniques, learning how to make 10x more than your colleague, and finding your greatness DNA are but just a few of the HIGH IMPACT topics covered in this seminar.

How To Market Your Pressure Washing Business
Join us in a REAL how-to course! We are not here to tell you why you should market your pressure washing business online. We all know we need to. This course will show you 10 easy ways to get your pressure washing business online and visible.

Create a Professional Website in Under 30 Minutes
Despite the deals and promotions, some just cannot afford to pay for a web designer. Join Anya Curry, owner and founder of Ambidextrous Services for a crash course in creating a website in under 30 minutes![/INDENT]

Chris and Thad, I am really looking forward to having you guys here! I am so pumped about this event and having you guys there! What’s funny is that this event is for everyone…even some of the speakers are excited about hearing the other speakers topics!!! Everything from the 30 year seasoned veteran to the guy just starting his business, there is a wealth of knowledge for everyone.

If you are new to the business, you would be years ahead by shaving off some of the marketing and business systems learning curve everyone has to go through. The question is, “Can you afford NOT to attend this event?”

I’ll be there