Humongous Powerwashing event info Bethlehem PA-- March 6-9, 2015

I wish like Heck we could be at NOLA this year. That event is always off the charts awesome. If you couldn’t make that one then the next big event is March 6-9th held by our very own Thad with Jack Kramer and Tom Vogle. scroll thru this website to get more info. You want to be here!!

Expect more info soon as these guys are planning on bringing on the best for us contractors. They already have Curt Kempton signed on.
This isn’t a “free free free” sales pitch to get you to buy things you may not need. This is all about getting your money’s worth times 10!!

Who is planning on going to this?

I’m registered and have my room booked for a friend and me.

This is the one in place of Albany right ?

John Devine.

Yes that’s right.

Gonna be the 1st year I’m gonna miss it. RATS!!!

John Devine.

Why? It’s closer to you then Albany is…I think.

Would like to see who else is scheduled to speak. Looks like they havent updated the website.

My kids have a hockey tournament in Maryland that weekend.

John Devine.

They should be coming out soon with the list of speakers.

Hockey–COOL!! Greatest sport ever. I have a potential scheduling conflict with my daughters competition dance schedule.
On a sidebar note, I locked in with Cullen Adams and paid him already and I told him you highly recommended him. From there I called a couple of buddies of mine and one of them just locked in with him also. So in reality your recommendation got him at least 2 more customers.

Got to love the PWRA Bulletin board networking:cool:

Whether your a newbie just starting out or your a very successful seasoned vet like Jim VanHandel, there’s something for everyone here and all who attend will most definitely get your money’s worth and ROI big time. I should know, I’ve been to 6+ACR Roundtables(Tom Vogle), 2 Albany events(Jack Kramer) & 2 NOLA events (Thad Eckoff) and its because of these top of the line events my business continuously stays successful for 19yrs now.

Learn and network with the best:cool:

I hope you do as good with him.

John Devine.

If I do as half as good as you I’ll be happy:)

I’m no SEO expert but it was explained the smaller areas rank better than the large cities.

John Devine.

A lot of people from outside the area are coming to PA this year. I’m excited!

This is probably my favorite event.

This year it’s March 5,6 but be sure to get there Friday March 4 in time for the evening social with the vendors- free food and we tap a keg!

Is this a good place to learn about larger contracts? (Namely parking garages, LARGE commercial, etc)

Yes, there will be a lot of heavy-duty east coast guys there.

Good to know. Thank you!