Human waste.... hazard?

Here’s a fun one. Removal of human waste.
The big poop is in front of a store front. Is there bio hazard concern for containment or just wash it down the drain ?

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Remember Bill Murray in Caddy Shack? If not, watch that movie, and when you get to the pool episode, that should give you some ideas.:rofl:
No,really, do you need to ask about the safety of human excrement? Call the plumber, he’s more qualified to answer that question. Maybe you can sub that one out! :joy:

You are probably done with this by now but I’ll add my two cents anyway for anyone else who stumbles on this thread.

I clean this up all the time in dumpster enclosures. Here is my process…

  1. I use a shovel to get the bulk of it and toss it in the dumpster.
  2. Spray the remaining down with straight bleach to kill as much bad stuff as possible.
  3. Get way back or up high (I use a ladder to shoot it from the top of the dumpster enclosure)
  4. Wash the rest of it from a distance. Heat and a 0° tip from a distance will take it off after a couple minutes.
  5. Do a light spray down with bleach to sanitize the area.
  6. Clean my shovel.

I usually just wear a dust mask and safety glasses to stop anything from splashing into my eyes or mouth, but I am back far enough that I am not getting any really splash back anyway. It’s good quick money.

Out of shear curiosity, how much do you extra do you charge for this…specialty job?

Feces removal always FREE !!!


I sent you a message.