Huge Plaza Bid

Hey guys. I’ve been truly blessed by all of the information, knowledge and wisdom here. I will say that I am stuck on this one. I don’t have square footage on this job. How do you estimate square footage on this? Do you use linear feet and multiply by height? Most jobs I get are smaller and I can bid them by eye usually. I appreciate any and all feedback.

Use the google maps tool that messures ft


yep about 5 min on google will tell you.


I will say I learned from Squid. Figure out your hourly charge, figure out how long it will take you and use that. Worked perfect for me doing a large retirement complex. Even with delays I hit my mark almost to the exact dollar.


I would charge no less than $5000… well maybe 4500… but thats it! Any bets gentlemen, on what they deal on?

Never get that much in Florida & we are talking building sidewalks & windows. I bet they pay less than 3k

He never said what they want done why are people throwing out prices ?

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Bingo. Amusing isn’t it?

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Sq footage doesnt indicate just windows, duh. Then it depends what he may the throw in gratis. I stick to my est basd on that alone. Its not amusing until Im wrong. Am I supposed to take it oh so serious?

No sidewalks or windows just buildings. Will be painted so everything needs washed except sidewalks. I will charge based on what I want to make an hour. Was just wondering how to estimate based on google maps measurement too. Length and hight or total square footage?

Are you having to show what your basing your price off of to the customer?

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Paint prep? What’s the conditions? What’s the exterior surface made of, brick? Stucco ?

A lot of different variables.

If it’s brick and they want it prepped for paint (peeling , flaking paint) I wouldn’t touch it personally.

Amusing ? its the simple things…….

The buildings are brick and stucco. Bricks not being painted. Minor to no mildew/algae on front of buildings but greater amounts on back of building. At $3500 at the moment. Looking at other variables and will have a final quote by tomorrow. Price based on man hours, eyeing it and measurements plus chemicals.

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