Huge Convention & Hot Sauce

I found hot sauce that I feel is important to share with the world. It’s called Tasty Thai Primal Cry and local to Kansas City. I’ll eat hot sauce that will make my family’s eyes water if they’re near, but this stuff has me sweating and nose running like a hot sauce first timer.

If you’re going to the Huge Convention and you have a local hot sauce you wanna trade let’s make a deal. If we iron it out before I leave I’ll pack enough bottles for anyone who is interested in some nefarious hot sauce across state lines dealins.

I have a cousin in atlanta that makes his own hot sauce. Its not super hot, but it is tasty. I put hot sauce on everything. I will see if he will have a batch ready that week and try to grab you a couple bottles.

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Thanks! I’d be pleased as punch.

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Also, if you like jerky, another buddy of mine in atlanta owns Ghost Jerky ( Made with ghost peppers). Possibly the best jerky out there. You shoud try to pick some up when tour in town

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A friend and I we’re just talking about how someone needs to open an all hot sauce store or chain. Some catchy names would be - “Some Like It Hot” or “ Hot In The City”

Ive seen a few stores like that. Theres one at knotts berry farm and there used to be one on Coronado island, San Diego. The thing about a market like that is you need to be in an area with alot of foot traffic ideally tourists. Rent on those storefronts tend to be expensive and you can really only make so much $ selling hot sauce. Its one of those businesses thats probably dominated by online stores.


There’s a shop in downtown that sells hot sauce and beef jerky, I tried it once, good stuff, I should stop by again, I gave him an idea for a jerky flavor, I’ll check if he made it.
He used to buy from a manufacturer in another state but started making his own, because they typically use liquid smoke but he wanted to sell the real deal

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